Sakamichi no Apollon – Episode 4 & Korra episode 11 spoilers

So, I’ve been trying to catch up with my anime lately and this made me remember just how great Sakamichi no Apollon is. The pacing, the music, the love… Love Dodecahedron. Seriously, this is not a triangle anymore and I’ve just reached episode 4, while10 episodes aired so far. I can see no end to this, but… f*ck it, it’s awesome. We have Sentarou and Ritsuko, who’re childhoodfriends. They meet the new kid in class, Kaoru, who just moved into town and fell in love with Ritsuko, who’s in love with Sentarou, who falls in love with sophomore Yurika, who falls in love with Junichi, who happens to be Sentarous idol and seems to love Yurika back. And you though Korra was a mess? Oh, how I love these things.

I’m really rooting for Kaoru, but he did some pretty dumb moves, like… you know… kissing Ri-chan out of nowhere, while he’s perfectly aware of the fact that she’s still in love with Sentarou. For some time it actually looked like Sentarou had some good chances to get Yurika, until she saw Junichi playing. If the both of them get together and Sentarou has no chance anymore, this also reduces Kaorus chances, but I highly doubt its so easy. I’m really interested in the story and the characters, plus the music is awesome. Everyone has his problems and although they come from different surroundings, their problems are surprisingly alike at times.

My biggest problem? I can see a major dramatic ending and I hate bad endings. Call me a clichée-loving-chick, but I just like it better when the characters are happy at the end, although I perfectly understand and appreciate the necessarity for a dramatic and tragic end. It sometimes has to be tragic to work. Forced drama is the worst, but here and there it has to be tragic to work out and I get the feeling this anime will have such a tragic end that will make you cry rivers of tears, but will burn itself into your memory as the finale of a truly great anime. I hope I’m wrong and Sakamichi no Apollon will end on a happy note, but just as great.


On to Makorra. New spoiler-clip. It killed me. Right into the feels. See for yourself
So amazing! Mako and his adorable smile while he’s talking about Korra and… and… and… “I can’t imagine my life without you in it.”

These 37 seconds! Why are there only 37 seconds of this! But with this, Makorra is so going to be endgame. Noticed the way they looked at each other? Literally jumping at each other with their eyes? This is the perfect situation for a following kiss. I’m just saying, because the amazing way they absolutely dreamingly look at each other’y eyes smiling like love-stuck idiots. “Can you feel the love tonight.” Hell yes, I can, get those two a room. Now. The sexual tension is killing me and damn you Mako for telling Korra that you can’t imagine a life without her now. In the ears of a shipper this equals “We’re meant for each other and I will love you forever and ever.”, how can you do this to me? I’m in heaven right now and my faith in Korra has not only been restored, but reached new dimensions.

Ok, honestly, I don’t think there will be a kiss, but this promo is so explict Makorra, it jumps right into our faces, so… Bryke, stop the shiptease already and give me my Makorra, we all know they’ll end up with each other, because they’re meant for each other and all that crap, I seriously ship them too hard.


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