The Legend of Makorra – Episode 9


I…I…I… I’m sorry, but my Makorra-feels are killing me right now. I mean, did you watch what I watched? Did you? That was Makorra right into our faces, hell yeah. Although I’ve been convinced that Makorra will be endgame pretty much since their first meeting, this was heaven, it was like: “Hey, guess what? MAKORRA for all of you crazy shippers! Eat up!” And yes, how I enjoyed eating up every single bit of it. And the best part? I predicted it, I was freaking right with my predictions. Last time I said that Lin BeiFong will get NTA (New Team Avatar) out of prison and go to rescue Korra. This is exactly what happend, only that it was Naga who rescued Korra in the end, but… close enough, it was epic. Lin was epic, oh my god, I was so happy my source of instant awesome was present the entire episode. Ok, back to my predictions, I also said that Mako will go apeshit over Korra’s kisnapping.

And he did!

Yeah, your girlfriend was standing right next to you when your brain went numb and the only thing on your mind for the rest of the episode was “Korra Korra  Korra  Korra  Korra  Korra  Korra  Korra  Korra” and she was getting jelly like hell, especially after Bolin mentioned the kiss you’ve been hiding from her the entire time, but other than that… oh wait, right, the kiss right before Lin mentioned Korra was the last time you pretty much noticed Asamis presence and after that, you pretty much ignored her, because you were too busy worring about Korra. Nevermind, aside from that, you’re a great boyfriend. Well… whatever is left after you take all that into account. Seriously Mako, just get over with it and make out with Korra, even Bolin (who had a crush on Korra) and Tenzin (father-figure) weren’t even nearly as worried as you were. I can’t be the only one who thought Mako looked like his world fell apart when he heared the news about Korra. He behaved like it was THE worst possible thing that could’ve happend to him. He was going crazy over her kidnapping, always rushing and he was always at the frontline, leaving Bolin and Asami behind, who should be the two most important persons in his life. Well, I guess he taught us that they aren’t.

And Mako carried her princess-style. PRINCESS-STYLE!

I don’t even know what to say anymore. If there was even one human being out there who still seriously though that Mako doesn’t love Korra enough, the last couple of seconds of episode 9 sank every other possible ship. The SS Makorra has proven to be quite the battleship and now it’s the last one standing. Come on, the moment Mako saw Korra, he rushed to her side, squeezing past Lin and Tenzin to be the first who’s at her side to make sure she’s safe and to be able to carry her over to the flying Bison personally. Princess-style. Smiling like a love-stock idiot. Treating her so carefully, as if she might break every second. Carrassing her cheek while telling her that everything’s ok. Oh my God Mako, are you really the same guy who, just a few episodes ago, had to reminded that your girlfriend needs your support before going over to comfort her? Why don’t you just admit it? And by the way, I still think Korra and Mako should just get over with it and get a room. With a bed. Alone. At Night. Without clothes. Hey, don’t judge me, the way they were looking at each other, their entire world was spinning just around the two of them anyway.

Ok, moving onwards, yes there was more to this episode than SS Makorra sinking every other Korra-related ship, Lin was freaking awesome. I already mentioned I was so happy to have my instant source of awesome back, because she’s personified badassery. The moment she’s on screen: *BAAAAM* epic. I’m sure she’s just naturally a badass, she’s not doing this on purpose, she’s just born this way. You know, having the most awesome mother in history, no wonder Lin turned out the way she is. And while we’re at it: allow me to fangirl over Toph while Korra was meditating (good girl, you did it! :D). Seeing Toph, Aang and Sokka was so great. Especially Sokka, he was my favorite character from the prequel, it was so good to see him actually doing something, even if it was just talking and Aang got all the action. Aang was cool too, his Airbending is quite more impressive than Tenzins. No offence Tenzin, you’re still pretty amazing, but it’s hard to reach the Avatar.

And Tarrlok? Yeah, so much about him. He got his moment to shine, his plan failed, because Lin, Tenzin and NTA are too awesome for him. To his defence, who could’ve known they were actually crazy and strong enough to break into the hideout of the equalists and come back pretty much unscratched? The fact that Amon showed up and took Tarrloks bending away was very unfortunate, but no surprise. It was all over the news that Korra was kidnapped by the equalists, it would’ve surprised me more, if he didn’t do anything. So, now Tarrlok has his bending taken away from him and he’s the one being kidnapped and he’s out of the picture. Or not, I guess Amon could be his father. Something could’ve gone wrong when Aang took his bending away? Or learning how to take bending away has nothing to do with being a bender, who knows? Sokka said that he has met the most amazing people ever and pretty much admitted that he’s not surprised by anything unusual anymore when it involves bending, due to all the crazy stuff he has seen. He’s got a really good point, to be honest.

So, all in all, the episode was amazingly awesome. I’m overly satisfied and can’t wait to see more and even more so, after the preview for the two-part finale in two weeks. It’s going to blow our minds away, I’m telling you. And before I’m out drowning myself into Makorra, I would like to add one more thing: as much as I dislike Asami being a canon overly perfect Mary-Sue, she did nothing wrong in her relationship with Mako. She’s trying to be a good friend to Korra, she’s a nice girlfriend and always had the best in mind. It’s perfectly understandable that she’s getting jelous over everything she’s heared about Korra and Mako these past two episodes and this makes me actually kind of like her, because it makes her seem more like a character and less than every man’s dream. She doesn’t really deserve hate for being Makos girlfriend, that was a decision they both made together and in their relationship she was a really nice and comforting girlfriend to Mako. It’s not exactly her fault that he’s liking Korra as well and wasn’t honest about his feeling towards Korra. And to defend him, I think it’s only just now that he truly realized just how much Korra means to him, but now he really should solve this problem, the longer he waits the worse it’ll get. The one who truly acted wrong was Mako, but he’s just a confused teenager probably seriously in love for the first time and it has to be with two absolutely amazing girls at the same time. But I’ve said this before, you know all this.

I’m out for now. Have one last Makorra-gif and see you next week.


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