Hello, I’m from that country called Deutschland

In English my homecountry is called Germany and what we speak is Deutsch, that’s German, not Dutch. Dutch is what they speak in the Netherlands, one of our dear neighbors, pretty small country, great football/soccer players. One of our other neighbors is Switzerland, they also speak German, but also French, Italian and Rhaeto-Romance. Confused yet? In Austria, they also speak German, but someone from Germany might not understand an Austrian or a Swiss speaking German, because of their thick (absolutely lovely) accent, but don’t worry: even Germans need subtitles when they’re talking, because we talk very differently according to where we live. Compared to the US, we’re a pretty small country, but that’s enough to have language problems. Thanks for inventing standart German.

You know, I’ve decited to write this post, because I’ve seen a comment on MemeCenter below a meme that had something to do with Germans. To be exact, it showed someone from Bavaria (South Germany) and called him German and while that’s not wrong, it doesn’t mean every German runs around in traditional leather trousers (the word “Lederhosen” does exist in English, doesn’t it?) and a lot of Bavarinas don’t do this either. By the way, the comment I’ve read is the following: “If you ever happen to go to germany , and DO NOT want your delusions to be smashed to pieces , better go to the part of germany called bayern , because the rest of germany is sane.” Bayern is Bavaria in German and I wouldn’t exactly say that the rest of Germany is sane (come to Cologne during carneval, Rose Monday, it’ll be very different from what you probably thought Germans are like), but it pretty much hits the nail on the head.

It’s common to have prejudices, I have them, too. Most of them are wrong, some are actually right. About Germany? Our Autobahn (highway) is not derestricted, I know it’s famous for being so, but as a matter of fact, only parts are and more and more speed limitations are being added, so if you’re on German highways, be careful if there really is no speed limitation before stepping on the gas. We also do have a problem with overweight people, but not nearly as much as the US have. We also have a lot of different kinds of sausages and we do eat a lot breat (usually for breakfast and dinner). Sauerkraut is most common in Bavaria, but also eaten in other parts of Germany, just not as much as in Bavaria. Same goes for Weißwurst, this kinda stuff is more of a local thing. For example, where I live we have a traditional kind of food called Sauerbraten. It’s marinated beed and traditionally made of horse meet, but nowadays most people eat the beef-version.

We love our beer. Of course there are also terrible brands, be we do have good beer, we freaking love it and we’re pretty proud of it as well. Wheat Beer is a Bavarian thing, althought it’s drunken all over Germany, you can find it everywhere. Other than that, we have a ton of local beer that can only be found in certain areas and the locals love it.  When we’re drunk, we scream, but that’s pretty normal. Dunk people do tend to go against social norms and screaming is part of it. When we’re sober, we don’t. We also don’t curse all the time and we love football/soccer/whatever you want to call it.

Well, it’s fine to have prejudices and when I see the 1000th person making fun of all Germans being Bavarians, yes, it’s not funny anymore, it’s annoying, but on the other hand, there are a million other clichees about every other country in the world, so we’re all sitting in the same boat making fun of each other while bitching that it’s all wrong. Correction! We do love our beer. 😉


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