The Legend of Makorra – Episode 8

New Team Avatar (NTA) arriving on Airtemple Island. Ikki telling Asami that Korra likes Mako. Korras reaction. NTA going after euqalists in Asamis epic satomobile. Asami getting jealous over Mako and Korra flirting. Tarlok surpressing the rights of nonbenders. Tarlok arresting NTA. Tarlok vs Korra. Tarlok bloodbending. Tarlok kidnapping the Avatar.

Ok, first things first. Where was my Lin BeiFong? She’s officially my favorite character in the show and raises the level of badassery  to over 9000 the moment she appears, so where was my source of instant awesome? Yeah, I know, I guess she just needs a bit time to recover, but I bet as soon as she reappears, she’s goping to blow everything up now that she stood down from being the chief. And you know what I think? She’s going to free Mako, Bolin and Asami out of the prison and go to rescue Korra with them (and Tenzin). And I’m so looking foward to it, you have no idea, so please A:TLOK don’t let me down.

Meelo and Ikki were both absolutely hilarious this episode. I was convinced Meelo wasn’t even able to talk in an entire sentence, let alone several of them in a row. I’m impressed, I have to admit that I didn’t really see it comming for him to crush on Asami. Until now I honestly thought he was just a weird kid. Well, he’s still weird, but also proved he’s not mentally unstable, just a bit weird. Ikki… was just awesome. You know, it totally cracked me up the way she told Asami that Korra likes Mako too. Like: “By the way, did anyone care to tell you that you have a love-rival?” I’m telling you, she’s the Captain of the SS Makorra, the hardest Makorra shipper among all of us. And Korras reaction? Priceless. Korra, I love you for your funny faces. She was like her world was about to fall apart, she’s probably sick and tired of the whole Asami/Mako-thing, poor Korra.

For me, as a die hard Makorra shipper, of course the little flirt-thingy going on between Korra and Mako was my highlight of the episode. I’m not sure if you can honestly tell that they were flirting, but it cerntainly went into that direction. I mean, have you seen Makos face in Asamis mirror? He looked like a lovestuck idiot and while we’re at it: congratulations Mako for not being a jerk towards Korra for an entire episode. We’re making progress here, we really are. I think it’s seriously important for both of them to not rush into a relationship at the beginning of the season. They barly knew each other and fell in love, but they have no idea how to treat each other appropriately. The longer this love-game keeps on going on, the more time they have to sort out their feelings and build up the chemistry that is going on between them and there is so much chemistry, it physically hurts. No wonder they need to sort it out with their hormones all over the place and Asami in the middle of it. Yes, I still think Makorra will be endgame and I also still think they should end up in one bed… together… alone… at night. Nevertheless, it’s good they’re given time to develop their relationship to something stable, otherwise they could’ve just destroyed everything have and that would’ve been a shame. From what I’ve seen so far, I’m convinced Korra still loves Mako as much as she did before and the same goes for Mako. No Need to worry Makiorrians, it’ll all work out, just like planned. And I can’t wait to see Mako going apeshit over Tarlok after he leanred what he did to Korra. I can totally see him jumping at his throat.

Other than the shipping chaos, this episode was pretty much meant to turn Tarlok into the enemy inside the “good side”. Well, he pretty much was the bad guy before, but now he’s the manifestation of evil, he’s exactly doing what Amon is talking about and this actually makes Amon even less evil than before. I’ve said in a previous post that Amon and the equalists have a good point and Tarlok is proving them even more right to the point that it feels like the Equalists are actually the ones fighting for the right thing and if you think about it: they are, they just use the wrong methods.

There could have been more action (Lin action), but what has been seen was just as awesome as ever. I love the fight Korra versus Tarlok, the way Korra went all “Don’t you dare calling me a half-baked Avatar!” and Tarlok was trolling her “lol, I’m a bloodbender, did ya know?” But it really surprised me Korra didn’t use the water just like Tarlok, she’s originally a waterbender, but… well. Her decision I guess. And now that NTA has been separated after being formed like 5 minutes ago and everyone being locked up somewhere, we seriously need some help from the outside. I can’t picture Korra getting out of this by herself, not against a bloodbender and she clearly can’t bloodbend herself.

So, yeah. Great episode, can’t wait for more and see you next week.

(btw, I got a new keyboard that I’m still getting used to, so… sorry for probably even more typiung mistakes than usually.)


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