The Legend of Makorra – Episode 7

All, right. First of all, let me get this out of the way:


All right, thanks, I’m feeling better now. So, I’ve read about people complaining about Mako and beginning to like Asami, because she got something like a personality this episode. Actually, for me it was the other way round. I can totally sympathize with Mako, although he was kinda acting like a jerk, and I pretty much hate Asami more than before. No, not because she’s “stealing” Mako away from Korra (she’s been doing that for a few episode now, nothing new), but because thanks to her “personality upgrade”, she’s now a Mary-Sue.

You know, when Lin BeiFong went into badass-mode the last two episodes, this worked great, because she’s just this cool, or like she would put it: tough as nails. Asami… isn’t. I think they probably wanted to give Asami a bit too much and ended up screwing her over. Or she’s evil after all, but let’s pretent this option doesn’t exist for a moment. Before episode 7, Asami was pretty much there to make Korra jealous, so she can make funny faces when Asami is with Mako. She was the stereotype pretty, rich girl, who’s into cools guys and is nice to everyone. Now, she also got a badass-side forced onto her and a tragic encounter with the truth about her father, so she’s all cracked up now and needs to be comforted.

You know, having a personality usually comes with having flaws. Right now, Asami is just too perfect for me to like her. Or let’s put it this way: they have created a canon Mary-Sue. Asami has no fucking flaws, she’s beautiful, nice, sometimes a bit naive (about her father), badass, decides to follow the right path, sweet, generous, emotional… she pretty much has it all. I liked her better when she was still a cardboard cutout.

Mako… you know, it was very harsh when he told Korra he will end their friendship, but he had a good reason to. Of course it was also wrong to not believe in his friend aka Korra, but all he was trying to do, was to protect his girlfriend and if I’m allowed to remind you: he was staying at her place, it’s not exactly a good idea to badmouth the person who let’s you stay under his roof and her assumptions seemed pretty off PLUS the fact hat he knew about Korras jealousy. When he noticed that Korra was right, he did have a guilty conscience. There were several times in the episode where you could see just how much it pained Mako. The poor guy was feeling so bad about Korra to the point that he needed her to tell him to comfort his own girlfriend when she needed him.

Bolin… was Bolin. Awesome as ever, I guess. Extra points for fluffy Pabu, he was so cute when he went all *boof* and was all fluffy! :3

And Lin Beifong? Lin BeiFong once again showed us just how awesome she is and compltetely stole everyone’s show at the end of the episode when she said she was going to take her metalbenders back without giving a shit about the law. Oh, holy mother God, she’s so going to rip everyone apart in her way, I can’t wait to see her going all out. She’s just as amazing as I imagined her and with Toph as her mother, this is actually a pretty hard task. She’s totally my favorite character now… and I kinda ship her with Tenzin, although I feel very bad about it thanks to Pema. D: I’m sorry Pema!

And the last point: no Korra this week. … I’m just saying, I’m so going to die waiting for it. With Lin announcing her trip outside the law and all the parts of the love-mess on Airtemple Island together with Ikki and Jinora (who ship Makorra), I can’t wait two weeks! Please, give me spoiler-clips… or a picture… D:


One thought on “The Legend of Makorra – Episode 7

  1. Mey says:

    Oh my god FINALLY someone who has the same opinion as me regarding Asami! Thank you, THANK YOU for putting what I thought into words. It’s like you could see into my soul or something :p
    So yeah, I don’t hate Asami because of the ship wars. At this point, I’m trying not to get involved in them. I dislike her so badly because she is just so overly perfect. And with the amazing characters of this show and the previous show for that matter, with their own very unique personalities and their complicated feelings, thoughts and just the awsome way they are so REAL, the fact that she is so damn perfect for no goddamn good reason stands out even more. And it’s not even because she’s beautiful, nobody can help how they look it’s just everything else. She doesn’t make any wrong move, doesn’t say anything out of line or out of place, everything is always PERFECT. UGH, seriously makes me want to hurl. And so I can’t help but think that there’s gotta be something behind it. The creators have done too much of an awesome job in everything else to commit such a major character screw up out of the blue. That’s what I’m going to keep believing anyway. If it’s not the case and this is just that; a screw up, then I hope Asami dies or something cause she seriously leaves a bad aftertaste in every scene she’s in.

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