The Legend of Makorra – Poor Bolin

I found this gif on tumblr and I would like to say a word or two about it. First of all: I guess there is hardly any person out there who did not pity Bolin upon seeing the Makorra kiss. After all, seeing how the girl you like kisses your very own brother, is not exactly the nicest thing to see. You can’t even say “He deserved it” in Bolin’s case, because he’s such a nice guy, he certainly did not deserve it.

Or did he? I’ve read an opinion on this from a person who didn’t pity Bolin, because he was acting like a child whose toy got taken away. The crying, the running, the  getting drunk on noodles… all this is not a normal reaction for his age group. He realy did behave like a child, I can’t deny this and he also knew the entire time, that Korra was not in love with him. He probably even noticed that Korra was in love with his brother instead, but was still trying to get her. We all know the result.

Was it wrong to go after Korra, even though she clearly showed interest in Mako? Well, not exactly, Mako has a girlfriend so from this point of view, Korra is even worse for going after Mako and actually… yeah, she is wrong, but she doesn’t see it this way, because she thinks he likes her too and she’s right. This is the difference: Korra appreciates Bolin as a friend, but does not see him in a romantic way, whilst Mako does like Korra more than a friend. When Mako told her that he likes her as well, he gave her a legit reason to go after him and then I guess her hormones took over or something. The rest is history.

To sum it up, I guess I really do think that Bolin’s reaction is not approriate, especially becasue he most likely knew that Korra is in love with Mako. He just couldn’t imagine that Mako likes her back to the kiss punched Bolin really hard in the guts. If we’re searching for someone being at fault, I guess it’s Korra and Mako. Korra for kissing Mako und Mako for giving her a reason to takle him, but it’s not their fault Bolin saw all this, so they only broke his heart unintentionally. Bolin just reacted completely inapproptiate and the way he’s portayed like a crying child, makes all of us jump into pity-mode, although he’s not really pity-worthy.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Bolin, but I will go down with my ship!

And now, just one more time, because it’s soooooo awesome:

Btw: did you notice? Open-mouth kiss, baby, this is a French Kiss. 😀


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