Avatar – better than drugs

I’ve recently watched “Avatar: The Last Airbender” when I was ill. After having constantly told how great the series is, I’ve finally watched it myself and what can I say? I’t not just good, it’s downright amazing. I ended up watching one book per day, I just couldn’t stop, I haven’t had this with a cartoon for a very long time. Yeah, I guess I like it even more than MyLittlePony: Friendship is Magic.

The Last Airbender totally cracked me up with it’s humor, I freaking love sarcasm and guess who my favorit characters are? Of course Sokka and Toph. Sarcasm for the win. Ok, so when talking about Avatar, I guess you just have to mention the shipping wars, that’s what Avatar is famous for after all. I can see where it’s comming from, because the entire series is loaded with ship tease, they even have g-rated-sex between a 12-year-old and a 14-year-old in there. Yes, Aangs and Kataras dance in the Fire Nation… how did they get this past the radar? I have no clue, but it was amazing, so I’m not complaining or anything. =P

But all good things have to come to an end and so Avatar had to as well. The end was pretty amazing and pleasing, but although I’m on Kataangs ship, the kisses between Aang and Katara seemed kind of weird, especially the last one with “bedroom eyes” and all, probably because Aang is 12 years old. It just feels weird for me too look at, although it did prove my preferred couple to be canon. Do I even have to say anything about the fight? Amazing.

So, having finished The Last Airbender, of course I had to move on to The Legend of Korra and it’s so weird to have completely different characters now. You know, all the characters I’ve come to love through the 61 episodes of The Last Airbender, are pretty much gone now. Yeah, Katara and Zuko are still alive, but not part of the story and they’re old now, it’s so weird seeing Gran Gran Katara, seriously… and I miss Aang. And Sokka… my source of sarcasm has vanished, I’m so lost. T_T Although I do like Korra more than Aang, because I really like those tomboy-characters, plus she’s really funny, he’s still missing. Avatar without Aang is just not the same. And have you seen the flashback of adult-Aang? A beard? Really? What were they smoking?

Storywise I think The Legend of Korra is pretty much entirely uninteresting, but we’re just in episode 5, it might get better. Ironically, anthough the entire series is a lot darker and more serious than The Last Airbender, the threat seems to be much a lot less dangerous. At least for me. We have aggressive world domination and genocide, against a guy who takes bending away from people living in Republic City, plus the bad guy actually do has a point, whereas the Fire Lord was downright evil.

Animation, drawings, character design and background drawings… pure eye-porn. I mean seriously, this series looks nothing but absolutely stunningly amazing, especially the backgrounds look as if they’re taken right of of the artbook of epic.

What I absolutely love about The Legend of Korra, besides the drawings and Korra as a characters, is the whole shipping mess that’s going on. It makes sense the characters are a lot more into love and all, because they’re older than the entire main cast of The Last Airbender with Korra being 17 years old. When teenagers are this age, it’s completely normal to be filled with hormones, stumble into relationships, fall in love at first sight and do stupid things thanks to that. I can’t blame Mako for having feelings for two girls, although the nature of his feelings for said girls seems to be different. Bolin is… the comic relief and very childish. He’s likable, but not exactly boyfriend-material for Korra, that’s why I don’t think they’ll end up with each other. Plus she rejected him several times, as well as confessed her love to Mako and forced a kiss on him. If this is not enough to make it clear she’s head over heels for Mako, I don’t know what else is supposed to happen. We already had the first kiss in episode 5, are they supposed to end up in bed by the end of the season? To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised.

I’m a hopeless shipper, I admit it and I’m enjoying the upcomming shipping war so much, including the mess between the characters. To sum it up: Korra is in love with Mako, who’s in love with both Asami and Korra, but is going out with Asami, while his jounger brother Bolin has a serious crush on Korra, who friendzoned him several times already and is jelous of Asami. To make it even better, Korra confessed her love to Mako, who used his relationship with Asami as an excuse to reject her, but later admitted he’s confused to which girl he likes more and returns the kiss she forced on him, what Bolin saw and as a conclusion, ran away from the szene completely heartbroken . I LOVE this. 😀 Too bad bad at the end of episode 5 all three of them pretty much friendzoned each other. Come on, don’t agree on friendship, you can’t just push a button and your feeling are gone. No matter how much you talk about wanting to be friends, love doesn’t work this way and I’m dying to see where this love dodecahedron is heading.

Also, I really love the fact that Korra is just downright straightforward with pretty much everything that comes out of her mouth, including love-matters. 😀 Korra, you’re the best, I’m telling you.

Oh, and one last thing: BEDROOM EYES!


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