Glass Mask – my new addiction

Recently I’ve begun reading Glass Mask by Miuchi Suzue. The Manga doesn’t seem to be well known around here, but it has at least 47 volumes in Japan and is still ongoing, so it has be be popular over there, otherwise it would’ve ended a long time ago.
So, yeah, I took the time and began reading it and the last 3 days I’ve become addicted to this manga, it’s so good! While the “real” romance part does not start until Maya is pretty much of legal age, her path of an actress is really interesting to read and now that the romance part has started… oh my god, I love it.

At first Maya is Yuu’s girlfriend, although she doesn’t really love him. She then falls in love with a teen idol, but the relationship doesn’t last long. After that, there’s a long time of nothing, before she begins to fall in love with the man she hates the most: Masumi. It’s pretty much been foreshadowed that those two will end up as the main pairing in this manga, but I’ve been rooting for Yuu for a long time, because Masumi is 11 years older than Maya and pretty much the biggest asshole in the series. Now, I have to admit, I freaking love this pairing, it grew on me a lot, probably because they love each other so much it hurts. No, I mean it, it hurts, they need each other, they pretty much complete each other, but there’s too much stuff standing in between them and they suffer from it.
In volume 47, the sunrise-szene on the boat. Oh my god, I’ve waited 47 volumes for this and all I was able to think about was: “GET A ROOM!” They really shouldn’t have thrown the key to their room away, they should’ve used it. I mean really, who wants to bet Maya’s Crimson Goddess would’ve been perfected instantly?

Masumi really should just get rid of Shiori and do the one and only right thing to do: get the girl of his life. Business? Scandals? Who cares, she’s everything to you and I mean it.


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