Minecraft – I like you, but you can be very frustrating

Yes, I play and love minecraft. It’s such an awesome indie-game and gives you so much freedom. That’s what I like the most: the freedom. You can pretty much do what you want and with the recently added different game-mods, everyone can play exactly the way he/she wants.

As for me, I have a survival ingle player I play occasionally and I’m playing on a server with some friends every now and then. We’re in creative mode on the server, because right now we prefer to build stuff, but sometimes we change to survival mode when we want to explore caves. It’s just so much fun, when you have your hands full of iron ore, coal and some more rare minerals/material (like… diamonds) and right when you’re on your way back up, you hear “sssssssssss” behind you and then it goes “BOOOOOM” right before you fall into lava and your entire inventory is gone. Nothing beats that and on multiplayer I actually think it’s funny. You have more people and the others also carry stuff, so not everything is lost and I can laught about it. When playing singleplayer, this can turn into soemthing extreamly frustrating.

Talking about frustration, minecraft sometimes manages to frustrate me in creative mode as well. Like today, when I was building a Dragonair-sprite (diamond/pearl/platin) and the sprite turned out to be 9 blocks too high. Yeah, that was fun, now I have to rebuild the entire thing. By the way, that’s what it looks like:

Today I’ve also built a generation 1 Metapod-sprite that turned out pretty good as well. At least that one wasn’t too high, but I don’t have a screenshot right now.


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