The Lion King

Today I couldn’t resist anymore and bought “The Lion King”. If you don’t know what movie I’m talking about, you’re either way too young or didn’t have a childhood.

Well, yeah, so since you can buy the movie for a short period of time now, I was thinking about buying it, because I don’t have it and I freaking love this movie. t’s not just one of my favoritze Disney-movies, or one of my favorite animated movies, no, it ranks pretty high in my favorite movies of all time and I really really really wanted to have it, but I wasn’t so sure if I should buy it or let my uncle burn it for me.

Today when I saw the movie in the supermarket where my father and I were shopping, I was like: “Just shut up Disney and take my money.” Movie bought. I was really close to buying “The Rescuers Down Under” as well, because this movie looks downright amazing. “The Rescuers” might not have been such a good movie, but the sequeal is like a hundred times better. It’s a great adventure and the animation looks amazing, the szenes where the boy ride on the golden eagle is nothing but impressive. If you haven’t seen it, go check it out.

While we’re talking about movies nobody knows: one of my favorite Disney-movies is such a movie and it’s quite surprising, because it’s a pretty good movie with a somewhat dark tone to it and a good hero, a great villan and the finale szenes in big ben are really intense. I’m talking about “The Great Mouse Detective”. It’s really good, I promise.

But today evening I will drown myself in the greatness that’s called “The Lion King”.


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