Naruto chapter 567 – yay for kyuubi

And finally there’s a Naruto chapter I think of worth talking about, because now there’s something happening, I’ve been waiting for: Kyuubi is beginning to accept or maybe even like Naruto.

I have to admit, I have great interest in Kyuubi and especially in the relationship between Kyuubi and Naruto, because Naruto is a very likeable charakter and he has this ability to make people like him, although they’ve hated him before. Pretty much since the beginning, it was very clear one day Kyuubi and Naruto will fight alongside and respect each other, maybe even befriend each other and this might be it. This might be the moment I’ve been waiting since I’ve stared reading this manga (although that’s not such a long time, there are quite a lot chapter) and now I’m actually really interested what’s going to happen.

Ok, it’s obvious Kyuubi will rescue Naruto in case he can’t rescue himself. I’m not quite sure if he’s able to get out of there on his own or not. The fact that kyuubi doesn’t absorb Narutos charkra does give naruto a huge advantage, but he’s in a pretty bad situation right now, so Kyuubi might want to give Naruto a hand here – or a paw for that matter.

Our lovely eight-tailed-beast seems to know pretty well what’s going on in Kyuubi and it made me very exited. After that, we had the discovery that Kyuubi doesn’t absorb Naruto chakra anymore and Kyuubi remembering what Naruto told him in the past. Especially the later shows that Kyuubi doesn’t just give a damn and cooperates with Naruto because it benefits him right now, he actually reflects on Narutos words and this indicates they had an impact on Kyuubi.

Kyuubi is very stubborn, we don’t really know much about the other beasts, but Kyuubi seems to be especially wild and subborn. Like I said: we don’t know much about the other beasts, so this could be wrong, because we actually get to know Kyuubis character very well and the other beasts… well, not that much. I’m not surprised it took Naruto so long to get past Kyuubis stubborness and hatred, but it’s finally happening and try to imagine the power Naruto would gain from a Kyuubi who likes him and fights alongside him out of his own free will? This would be amazing, there’s so much potential.

This was, as a fact, one of the very few chapters that made me looking foward to the next chapter, because right now there’s somehting happening, I’ve been waiting for. I’m always hyped up when I see something with Naruto, because he’s probably my favorite character by now and he’s a really great shounen protagonist. Not as strong as a character such as Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist though, but he ranks pretty high and is an incredibly likeable character. If there’s one great thing in this Manga, it’s Naruto himself. Forget Sasuke, everytime Naruto is involved, I like it and his relationship with Kyuubi is a very important part of the story. So… yay? I’m looking foward to chapter 568, maybe I’ll post again after I’ve read it, it depends on the chapter. 😉


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