Bleach Chapter 475 – Thank you Ichigo

There’s really not much to say about this chapter, because nothing happend, aside from Ichigo giving a shit. And I have to admit Ichigo climbed a few ranks thanks to that, because he was strong enough to think for himself, come up with his own conclusion and refuses to be manipulated by Ginjous words. His conclusion doesn’t just make sense, it also crushes the ridiculous theory of Ukitake being the bad guy. And thus: problem solved and everathing is back to normal. Great, now Ichigo just needs to kill Ginjou and we can move on. Finally.

I’m still not satisfied with the whole spying-badge-thing, but at least the Shinigami and especially Ukitake aren’t the bad guys anymore. We’ve had this once, you know when the Soul Society-arc took place before we knew about Aizens plan? Shinigami were enemies back then, don’t do this again, it gets old now.


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