Life in a Day

And another non-anime/manga related post. yay.
Well, I just want to talk about this a bit, because I think it’s something really great and I was very moved watching it. I’m talking about the project “Life in a Day”, where they asked people to film their life on July 24th 2010 and a lot of people did. In the end, they created a 1 1/2 hour movie out of all the footage and there are videos from 190 contries in there.

Sometimes those people are very interesting or lead an unusual life, but most of the time they’re just normal people, living their normal day. Some things are very sweet and heartwarming, like a newborn baby or when a homosexual man told his grandmother via phone that he is gay and this grandmother seemed to be a very open person, because it went pretty well. I really liked that, it was so nice.

In the other hand, there were sort of unpleasent moments as well. For example some very ill people, or a cow that’s being butchered, a small boy who has to work as a shoeshine boy, a father living with his 13 children under one small roof and who’s unable to work, because he has to take care of his kids and their mother is dead. Well and there was footage from the love parade 2010 where a mass panic took place and 18 people were killed. This stuff makes you sad, but this is life and life is what this movie wants to show us.

There were so many different moments. Sleeping, eating, proposing, going to work, working, talking, kissing… everything. It was a pleasure to watch and I can only advice you to watch this movie as well. You can see it for free on youtube, so go ahead and just do it. I’m sure you won’t regret it.


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