20th Anniversary of Freddie Mercury’s Death

Obviously, this post has nothing to do with Manga/Anime, but 20 years ago on this day, one of the greatest musicans of all time had died, so I thought I should write a post about it.

23rd November 1991: the world got to know that Freddie has AIDS

24th November 1991: the world got to know that Freddie has died

I’m not a Queen-Fan, but I like a lot of their songs and especially their live-gigs were absolutely amazing. Freddie was able to control the audience like only very few others were and he had a truly extraordinary voice. He was very special, but he was living a dangerous life that resulted in his infection with the HI virus and thus, he died 20 years ago and left a huge shadow behind. Although Queen still exists and they had amazing singers, no one was able to fill the place Freddie left behind. No one has ever managed to sing his songs as great as he was able to, but some really shouldn’t even try…

Katy Parry for example made a cover of “Don’t stop me now”, but the only thing she achieved with this, is making a fool out of herself. She can’t sing this song and don’t even let me begin ranting about her qualities when it comes to live performances. Want to know what her version of “Don’t stop me know” sounds live? Well… you’ve been warned:

Why was she allowed to do this? WHY? I mean, this sounds seriously bad. Her own songs are quite ok as long as she doesn’t sing live, because she can’t sing, but why was anyone stupid enough to let her sing a Queen-song live?

For the record, this is what “Don’t stop me know” sounds like sung by Freddie:

What a difference and you know what’s the greatest part? Freddie was an amazing singer, everything sounded better live. I absolutely love this live-version of Who wants to live forever. This is awesome and it’s so sad Freddie had to leave us this early, but he will live forever, because he will be remembered through his music and generations to come will be amazed by his epic self. As for myself I was only 3 years old when Freddie died, but I’m nothing but impressed whenever I watch a live-performance of Queen with Freddie.

Freddie, the world misses you, the music misses you and people still love and respect your great music and your amazing voice. You were one of the best, rest in peace. You will never be forgotten.


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