Bleach Chapter 473: “What are you fighting for?” – “Because you’re attacking me.”

Yes, it’s that time of the week again: a new Bleach chapter ahs appeared! Kenni used… nothing, because she’s too amazed by the Gerudo Valley Piano cover she’s listening to right now. amazing

Ok, I’m sorry, my inner Zelda-nerd was showing right now, but come one: everyone who has ever played a video game has to admit that Gerudo Valley is one hell of a great song. And the only song in Ocarina of Time that is as good as Gerudo Valley, or maybe better, is the Song of Stroms. Listen to this piano cover, it’s pure epic: click here for awesome

And since I was going to talk about Bleach… let’s get back to the manga. °x° Actually there’s not this much to talk about, because most of the time the Shinigami were simply talking about random stuff, but I have to admit Ikkaku made me laught when he told Kenpachi he was lecturing his enemy. xD Oh yeah and I was right: Hitsugaya didn’t kill his opponent, because he wanted him to to lift his weird virtual reality ability… On the other hand: Ever since Ginjou told us that Tsukishimas ability will stop working after he’s dead, we can pretty much assume the same will happen to all the other fullbringers as well, making Hitsugayas effort to get his opponent out of the battle alive, pretty much pointless. He could’ve just killed him, in fact, this would have gotten Ichigo and Ginjou out of their personal “room”. So why didn’t he? Well, probably he has a warmer heart than he looks like? Dunno… Don’t get me wrong, I like how he handled his opponent and made a deal in the end that he will let him go, but in comparison to Byakuya who has just discovered his sadistic side and left knowing his opponent will slowly die, he seems surprisingly warm-natured for someone who’s labeled as an ice prince and who’s wielding an ice-type zanpaktou. Or maybe it’s just his age.

What I didn’t really understand was the question Ginjou was asking Ichigo during their battle: “What are you fighting for?” Because that’s pretty obvious: Ginjou is evil and he’s attacking Ichigo, so he’s pretty much forcing Ichigo to fight him. Yes, Ichigo might have begun fighting to rescue his friends, because he’s always fighting to rescue someone, but even after Tsukishimas effect is gone, his friends are still not safe as long as Ginjou is running around. He can’t let this dangerous guy keep going the way he wants, Ginjou needs to be stopped and this is obviously the reason Ichigo is still fighting, or does he need another reason?


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