Manga Gekiyuuchi: similarities to Fight Club?

I’m a huge fan of the movie “Fight Club” from 1999, it’s a truly great movie you should have seen, but don’t spoiler yourself before you watch this movie. Before I’ve seen the movie, I’ve known absolutely nothing about the movie itself and after the movie was finished, I was glad about this fact. So if you haven’t seen “Fight Club”, don’t read any further, or you’ll spoil yourself.

The manga Gakiyuuchi is about bloody street fights. The protagonist lost a good friend who committed suicide, but in High School he sees a video of an illegal street fight and one of the fighters looks an aweful lot like the friend he lost. Since he wants to do something, he enters the world of street fights himself in order to search for his friend.

Now what made me thing this manga resembles Fight Club? This one sentence in Chapter 16:

But it doesn’t change the fact that the only time when I feel alive is when I fight.”

This sounds exactly like something that could have been said in Fight Club when those men are fighting to be able to feel themselves living. This is so similiar, when I came across this quote I was actually thinking if this manga is probably even inspired by Fight Club. On the other hand: there are probably countless of mangas and movies with a similar topic, so it’s very unlikely, but this really caught my eye, because it really sounded as if this was staight out of the movie. All right, this is just a scanlation, so it’s been translated by amateurs and who knows? The translation is probably not even that close to what has actually been said, you know, word-wise (the meaning can be the same).


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