Sekaiichi Hatsukoi season 2 Episode 2

Just… how can Onodera still deny his love for Takano, after he kissed him passionately in the car unable to do anything but cling to him? Well, at least I can underdstand Takano now, because Onodera is obviously so deeply in love with him, why would he stop? But giving the cake away was a shame, although I don’t really understand where the birthday present vanished to after they left the elevator. It’s magic!

Ok, what elese happend? Yokozawa – again. Seems like Takano feels entirely different about the whole thing with him than Yokozawa himself, because he looks like he damn well enjoyed his time with Takano and wants some more of him, so he tries to scare Onodera away. Too bad Takano wants Onodera, who also wants him, but refuses to say so. Nevertheless, I was really wondering why Takano and Onodera aren’t an item by now, because they should be.

Oh wait, the story is over once they get together, we can’t do this yet, we have to stretch it out. Well, don’t get me wrong, it’s normal there’s a lot stretching in manga and anime, it just annoys me when the characters obviously whould have moved on to the next stage, because Takano and Onodera sould be together by now, it’s just Onodera being a bitch what’s stopping them. Not Yokozawa, no, Onodera is the main hindrance.

Oh yeah and next week sidestory…


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