Bakuman Season 2 Episode 1 – Ashirogi Muto are back

Finally! Bakuman is back.

Since I read the Manga, they can’t really surprise me, but hey, this is Bakuman, I’m going to watch it no matter what. And it was nice seeing Mashiro and Akito back in color. And Hattori, did I ever mention I’m totally in love with Hattori? He’s an awesome character, I just like how much he cares for Ashirogi Muto. It’s like he’s the one who was blessed to meet them first and the one who helped them the most on their way. Of course, he did several things Ashirogi Muto didn’t like and they found ways around it, but in the end he had a great influence on them in a very positive way.

And now he’s gone. Left Ashirogi Muto in the hands of the young, inexperienced and overly energetic Miura who’s more like a tornado than an editor. Just great, but it moved me how much Hattori would have liked to stay as their editor. On the other hand, the reaction Ashirogi Muto had when they were told about the editor-change, was pretty rude. Miura most likely understood that they liked Hattori and he even knew beforehand that Hattori would have liked to stay by their side as their editor, but still… running out of the apartment to say your goodbye to your old editor is pretty rude when the new one is sitting right there.

Well, Ashirogi Muto always had their own mind and like I said: Miura knew beforehand that this won’t be easy for the young Manga-ka. They’re very young, they’re emotional, it’s ok I guess.

The other highlight of this episode was Eiji getting drunk on juice. That was just plain awesome. Hiramua is also a freak, sure, but Eiji is still something else, I can’t help but really like him. he completely lacks any common sense, behaves more like a child, but can be pretty serious here and there, too. The most important part is, of course, his extraordinary talent when it comes to manga and I’m not just talking about his ability to draw them, but also about his sense about manga in general. Having read all the manga from the entire Team Fukuda, he knew who was going to be published in Jump with a series, just because he has a great understanding about the potential of a good manga. This is pretty much why he’s been a fan of Ashirogi Muto all the time: he noticed their manga was good, but he also noticed that there’s a lot more potential in those two and that they can create something great in the future.

So, yeah, the stage is cleared now, this episode was more like a reintroduction and the changes that had to be made and starting next episode, we’re going to dig right into Mashiros and Akitos daily life as professional Manga-ka… while they still attend High School.


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