Yankee-kun to Megane-chan 154 – Shinagawa is a smart boy

We’ve all known for quite the long time that Shinagawa has to be more than just a delinquent and it’s been established that he’s not as slow as Adachi when it comes to studying. And now we know his background: the top-student who used to have top marks, because he studied his brain out. Well, not that suprising, but it was played out well. I really like that Shinagawa still sticks to being his lazy self and does no go into super-intelligent-mode right away. Plus: it was pretty obvious from that start that he’s not dumb, so it’s not as if he’s a completely different character now that we know about his past. it’s just good to see him fail, I mean seriously: who thought he would actually be able to achieve a perfect score on the prep school test?

But this test still shows us what Shinagawa is able to do and that he probably did not have good marks in school because he studies with no end, instead he’s actually very smart to begin with. Now that he’s studied the entire night, he only got this one question right. Pretty lame? Well yeah, one might think so, but it has been pointed out that this was the one hardest question nobody was able to answer correctly and this proves just how smart Shinagawa is. I highly doubt he did that to mock with his late friend from middle school, he seemed so ashamed when his friends found out he’s in the same class as Adachi. He probably really wanted to go to the top class, but good thing he didn’t.

The only question is: why was the hardest question the only one he was able to solve? Like I said, I don’t think it was on purpose, so there’s only one option left that I can think of: The other questions were too easy, so he accidentally made mistakes. You now, like… he’s really smart and he actually understood all the hard stuff and in the end, he’s sitting before these easy questions and doesn’t do them right, only the insanly hard one is a challenge to him and makes him use his brain properly and he manages to solve it. Highly skilled students often have bad markes, because they’re bored and not interlectually challenged and this changes the moment you begin to challenge them. Something like this probably happend to Shinagawa here, the other questions were simply too easy for him, so he didn’t use his brain properly.

I’d like it if Shinagawa began to use his full potential now, but only if he’ll stick to himself while doing so. The rebellious yankee with a heart of gold is just too much of a loveable character to change him into the top-student he used to be. Being embarrased to admit he doesn’t want to leave his friends and only studying as much as he needs but, but still helps his friends whenever they need it (may it studying or his right first), but never without complaining first, this is what I really like about Shinagawa. He’s not perfect, so please don’t so this to him just because be begins to study again.


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