Hapi Mari 27 – beware of the ex?

Shitara-san… let’s congratulate this manga to its very own bitch. I’m not quite sure how much she knows and how much she just makes up. It’s true that she investigated Chiwa, but it seems she doesn’t know that Chiwa and Hokuto actually love each other for real, even if Hokutos behavior does not show it outside of their apartment. It kind of confuses me that she seems to know so much, but not that those two are in love, they even told so some persons and part of Hokutos Family as well as Chiwas fathers know that fact. How hard can it be to find something like this out, when she already stuck her nose into other relationships Chiwa has.

Well, she’s obviously trying to destroy this marrige and the fact that she talks about Hokuto without a honorific shows that she must be close to Hokuto. She even goes and pays his father a visit or goes to parties with him, staying by his side as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. What we don’t know is the answer to the question: what exactly is Shitara to Hokuto? As for her, it’s pretty obvious she’s in love with him and plays the understanding, know-it-all perfect women. Seeing that he’s married must’ve been a great shock for her, but the fact that this marriage is supposed to be a fake gives her opportunities and now she goes and tries to destory everything so that she can have the man. Hokuto on the other hand… we know he’s been a player before he married Chiwa and Shitara is an important business partner, so he would probably try to be nice to her to keep the business rolling, if not try to have an affair with her in his non-married days, but he was never really serious. So even if there was something between those two, I think it’s safe to say he has not been serious – as it seems he’s now (with Chiwa) serious for the first time. Shitara on the other hand is very serious and might have missunderstood his friendliness or the relationship they had before and is now boiling with jealousy, because a women like Chiwa who obviously does not suit Hokuto (in terms of money and appreance) has snatched him away with a fake marriage.

Shitara really went too far this chapter. First of all, there was the lecture and it was very disrespectful, she went much too far. Chiwa doesn’t even know Hokuto this long, there is no way she can already understand such a complex person with such a complex background when he hardly talks about stuff like this at all and it was obvious she was feeling very, very bad while Shitara was lecturing her, but she still kept going and going with the sheer intent to not only break the marrige, but also break Chiwa as a person.

Then she went and investigated Chiwa, giving the report to Hokuto in person, so that he knows this was her doing, he should be thankful to her when he finds out about all the stuff that’s written in there, but seriously, what bad stuff could be written in there at all? Past relationships are the past, of course she was in love with other persons before, he had his affairs, too. Either there’s a whole bunch of lies written down there (or at least the facts are a lot dramatized, so that Hokuto will missunderstand), or everything about her past with this guy and her past is something Hokuto can’t get angry about, because his own past with women is not exactly innocent either. He’s been mistreating her a lot, Chiwa really had a hart time with him from the very beginning and still has although they’re in love, he really has no right to scold her, especially since we (as the audience) know that Chiwa has not done anything wrong.


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