Dengeki Daisy 42

Dengeki Daisy is another manga that’s being loved by a lot of people, but not by me. I think it’s overrated, the humor is not funny, the romance is not really romantic and the main characters are idiots. There are a lot better shoujo-mangas out there, so why did this one become so popular? Well, on another note, I don’t understand how Junjou Romantica was able to become so popular, so… I guess there are things you just don’t understand. (a few days ago, I’ve read Konuun no Rihatsushi, a short but quite enjoyable yaoi)

Back to Dengeki Daisy. They’ve been releasing quite a lot scanlations for some time now, so I’ve been able to read a lot without longer pauses in between the chapters and there are certain things bugging me. First of all: Jack o’ Frost has not been a real threat until now. They’ve been talking about the danger of this thing all the fucking time and that they even need to go and hide now and even Teru has to do that, just because she knows it exists, but there has not been anything dangerous happening because of Jack o’ Frost until now. It may be a greater threat, if they’d actually show something happening or a dangerous person who’s after our “group”, but no, nothing. Nothing at all. Not even the guy who looks like Terus brother was really dangerous in the end and he was pretty much the only threat there was.

The next thing is: too much talking, not enough action and I’m not talking about the stuff you see in an action-movie. I’m just talking about the characters doing something. They just sit around and talk. You know? I thought Kurosakis past was annoyingly boring, it has been told in too much details, it could’ve been told pretty much on very few pages, but they had to make such a bitg deal out of it, when in the end, it wasn’t so bad at all. They’re making a bigger deal out of it, than it actually is and they’re treating Teru the same way. Why would she hate Kurosaki now, when she’s just heared he did NOT kill her brother?

And for the last major thing that kinda pisses me off: Kurosaki running away had no purpose at all. He’s back, nothing really happend while he was gone and now we’re back to where we were before. Just great, I hate unnecessary drama and this was unnecessary drama. Kurosaki intended to tell Teru his feelings as well as his past, so we would have had this happening even if he just stayed and what else happend during the time when he was gone for several chapters? Right, nothing. The fact that Teru learned about Kurosakis past from the others is actually quite a bad move, because I think it would’ve been much more emotional if Kurosaki have told her hinself and he would have had to face his past in front of Teru what coul’ve helped him grow as a character. Well… and he has not been away for long enough to make the reunion work out well.

I’m at a point, when I see a new Dengeki Daisy chapter being released on my scanlation sites, this thought runs through my mind: “Not again…” And this is not exactly a good sign. I only read half of the dialoges, because I’m bored by reading the same shit over and over again: “We’re having a secret meeting” <- you’ve been having secret meeting due to the same reason all the time! The side-story with Jack o’ Frost just annoys the shit out me, can’t you at least focus on Teru and Kurosakis relationship without drama you’ve forced into it to create unnecessary “exitement”/”drama”? I guess not…


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