Rereading a great Shoujo-Manga – Lovely Complex at your service

So, this time I’ll be talking a bit about Lovely Complex, because I’ve read this manga like… 3 times and it never fails to entertain me. When it comes to funny romances, this is one of the best shoujo mangas you can find.  As for me, I’d say it shares the first place with Ouran High School Host Club, but there is a huge difference between these manga. While they’re both excelent romantic comedies, Ouran High School Host Club is a parody (actually, it makes fun of pretty much all shoujo-mangas) and it’s good, it works fine, it’s really funny and the more you know about typical shoujo-mangas and shoujo clichés, the funnier it gets. Lovely Complex on the other is “just” a normal comedy, it’s funny because of it’s characters, bot because it makes fun of something.

Aside the fact that Lovely Complex is a manga that actually can call itself funny, while many so called “comedies” do not, what makes this manga so great in comparison to other shoujo-mangas is the romance part. You know, I’m so sick of flat love, the kind of thing when the wallflower (who’s actually even prettier than all the other girls, even without a heavy makeover that will just transform her into an average bitch with no personality) falls in love with the coolest guy in school, because she never talked to him, she doesn’t even really know anything about him, she just likes him because she thinks he’s cool, because he happens to look cool. I don’t like this, in my opinion, this is not the best foundation for a relationship.

In Lovely Complex it’s actually about loving the other person for who he/she is. When it comes to the protagonists Risa and Ootani, there is no flat or onedimensional love, no “love at first sight”, nothing of this sort. They start out being friends and even fall in love with other people and after that doesn’t work it, Risa slowly falls in love with Ootani, but there’s still a long way to go, because Ootani doesn’t even see Risa as a potential lover, just as his friend. So, they have to overcome the friendship they have and accept the other persons personality as well as his/her apperance and this is where it get’s complicated, because both of them have a serious complex about their height. Risa, being very tall, would like to date someone who’s taller than her and Ootani, being very small, wants to date someone smaller than him, but falling in love with eath other means they’re forced to accept the height-problem as well.

And this is why the end of this manga is so well done. It’s not about kissing, or having sex or overcomming jealousy… of course there are problems with jealousy in their relationship, but that’s not the point, they overcome all this stuff pretty good. In the end, it’s about accepting your partner and yourself. They’ve always been very cautious when there were on dates and were afraid they might not be seen as a couple because of their height and in the end – they are. And this is more important than kissing or stuff like that. It’s about who you are and accepting that.

And this is what makes this shoujo-manga better than others.


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