Skip Beat chapter 178

Oh my God, did you see Kyokos blush? Ren in Danger-mode is scary as hell, but I think the smile was real and was not meant to scare Kyoko, although it did. The fact that she blushed (so cute) makes me want to believe she noticed the true intention of this smile and appreciates it. If this is true, we’re seriously making progress with those two, but I’m still shocked Kyoko knows that she’s falling in love with Ren… man that chapter really got me good.

What made me want to bang my head on my table was when she translated Rens curse with the cheese and later she tought to herself that she was only able to do so, because of Rens former hatred towards her. Oh man, he never really hated her and pretty much has been in love with her for the longest part of this manga, so I really hope someday he will tell her, but before that comes other stuff needs to be told – from Ren to Kyoko and from Kyoko to Ren. It’s painful to see taht those two are in love but don’t express their feelings. It would be so easy to move on to be a couple, but the shit about their pasts seems to be too shitty… who the fuck cares? I want to see them together, not another 100 chapters of shiptease.


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