Bleach chapter 459 (Death and Strawberry 2) – Rukia made my day

The title of this chapter made me jump around my desk in joy, because it’s a modificated version of the very first chapter “Death and Strawberry” which was referring to Ichigo and Rukias first meeting. Throughout the entire manga, when there was a reunion with Ichigo and Rukia, the title always referred to this two character, like the chapter “Deathberry returns” and I think it’s awesome we have the modificated title of the first chapter. This could mean some sort of new beginning and I really hope the current villains will be defeated soon, so we can move on to something more epic.

This chapter was for me, for the first time in ages, a truly great chapter. The title already made me so happy and when Rukia was standing behind Ichigo, I was like: “Fuck yeah, Bleach is back.” Bleach is not Bleach without Rukia and the Orihime-fans can go and try convince themselves that Orihime is the new heroine, but this will never be the case. No character will be able to take Rukias place in this story, she’s just too important, the manga doesn’t work without Rukia, Ichigo doesn’t really work without Rukia. I like Ichigo the best when Rukia is around, because their relationship always amazeses me. I’m not saying they’re in love, but their level of understanding and standing on the same wavelength is simply amazing. Those two character work out really well when they’re interacting with each other.

And now I really hope Rukia didn’t give Ichigo her powers again, because I want to see some Deathberry asskicking. It has been way too long since we saw Ichigo and Rukia fighting side by side… what a minute. They fought for the same goal several times, but did they ever fought side by side as equal fighting partners? I honestly can’t remember such a case. nevertheless I would love to see that.

By the way, it’s nice Rukia is the vice-captain of the 13th squad now, we all saw what she is able to do and thather power is way above the seat she was having back then. I bet she’s an awesome vice-captain. And her hairstyle… well, it makes her look kind of cute, but I don’t really see a reason for her to change her hairstyle. For the readers to see that time has passed? It’s been 2 years or so and she’s a shinigami. She told us at the beginning she’s around 10 times older than Ichigo, so 2 years should be nothing for her. Like I said, I don’t really see a reason for her to change her hairstyle, but… whatever, it makes her look cute.


3 thoughts on “Bleach chapter 459 (Death and Strawberry 2) – Rukia made my day

  1. Will says:

    To me her hairstyle makes her look less “melancholic”. if that makes sense. she looks more happy now.
    also people were saying rukia’s hair wouldn’t change because souls age slow so hair should grow slow too, but they forget to rememeber isshin’s bear grew out when he was in the dangai with ichigo. so hair matters not.
    but then rukia comes in with a haircut. lol

    also no offense to women, but seeing how they are with their appearance, i would think rukia would want to change her hair after 150 years. lol

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