Reading Naruto – 487 chapters finished… and why is this manga even called Naruto?

Well, first of all, now I understand what a friend of mine meant when she said: “The bad guys never die.” While ‘never’ is not true, it is indeed true it’s pretty hard to kill the Akatsuki members, because at least half of them are immortal. When cutting of their heads doesn’t work anymore, you’re in serious shit. Well, all right, Akatsuki is some kind of club for the insanly strong guys, but either Immortality has to be some kind of qualification to join, or the bad guys are just too strong.

The next thing is… why is this Manga even called Naruto? Of course, Naruto is portrayed as the typical main character in a shounen manga, but what this manga is all about, is our little emo-kid Sasuke. By the way, the further I’ve been reading the more I’m convinced this guy’s got some loose screws. His way of thinking is just plain wrong and inexcuable.

“Give me back my clan, my family, my brother.”

Dude, you killed your brother yourself, get real… Well, whatever, the point about Sasuke is, that this manga is telling the story about the traedgy of his clan and his life from Narutos point of view. First it’s about Sasukes eyes and the mark he get’s from Orochimaru. Then it’s about getting him back from Orochimaru and now it’s about stopping him from destroying Konoha and Naruto happens to be the one who has to stop Sasuke, because he’s his best friend, but when it comes down to it, this manga is not about Naruto at all, it’s about Sasuke and this pisses me off.  Why call this manga  “Naruto” when he happens to be the main characters, but not the center of the plot?

Oh yeah and just recently Naruto anticipated his own death in his future fight against Sasuke. If this really happens, I’m seriously disappointed, because this manga is supposed to be about Naruto and his goal to become Hokage. If he really dies alongside Sasuke, what does he achieve? He stops him, ok. He probably will manage to make Sasuke understand that his darkness is not everything, but this is not worth anything when he dies the moment he realises this. Well, and of course he fails in bringing together Team 7 as well as fails in making his own dream come true to become Hokage and chance the world with his respecatable ideals in this position.

What I mean is: dying alongside  Sasuke won’t achieve anything besides stopping Sasuke, but living on with Sasuke and achieving his dream to become Hokage, can change the world he lives in for the better, as well as chance Sasuke.


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