Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou Episode 2 – better than I expected

After the first episode proved itself as some kind of recap-episode (well, it was expected), the second episode was actually really good. The Quality was great and the content interesting – is there more to wish for? This is enough to make a mainstream-shounen watchable and while the first season was “meh” for me (not that interesting, but not bad either), this episode probably managed grab my interest more than the entire first season.

As of now, the greatest threats have always been other demons and while Yura is fairly strong for her age, she’s nothing compared to her brother and he other guy, who were easily able to knock out Aotabou. They’re not just insanly strong for human beings, they’re also a bunch of assholes. I mean, seriously, this is not the way you treat your little sister, who’s still in middle school. Of course she’s nowhere near as strong as an adult.  On top of that, it seems grown up onmyōji just are this strong and knowing shounen, the first strong enemies are sure not the last and not the strongest to come.

The part that surprised me the most was that Rikuo showed his Yokai-form, although he knew there is no way to hide his secret from Yura anymore as soon as he transforms now. Sure, he did it to save Yura from her heartless brother, but he’s in deep shit now, if Yura doesn’t suddenly decide she’ll be on his side from now on. Hm… I like the sound of an onmyōji being on the side of the yokai. I appove this idea. XD

In the next episode, we’ll see some great action and a battle, between a strong yokai and a strong onmyōji. Now that’s something I’m willing to look foward to.


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