Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Season 3 – What were they thinking?

Nigizaka Haruka no Himitsu… not an anime I like to remember, I can tell you this much. The first season was not too good, but it was like a guilty pleasure for me, so I won’t complain too much. The characters are stupid, the story is stupid, well yeah, but it was still somewhat enjoyable.

The second season however was a complete disaster. What was still somewhat enjoyable in season 1 was turned into s seaquel that turned out to be neigther funny nor romantic in any way. The characters were even more stupif than bevore, new characters were pretty much unwatchable, as well as the incredible dumb story and don’t let me even begin to rage about the “we’ll interrupt the couple during every single private moment and create an awkward atmosphere”.

And now this shit gets a third season. Seriously? What the hell were they thinking? Use the money you spent on this crap to create a good anime and don’t throw it into yet another unnecessary sequel! As far as I can remember, season 2 was not that well liked at all and someone told me the novel it’s based on is not selling that good either. So why does this shit gets another season, instead an anime you can at least bear to watch, because it’s not complete bullshit?


8 thoughts on “Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Season 3 – What were they thinking?

    • The story itself is not bad when it comes down to it. The problem is, what has been made out of this story. I would’ve never even tried to watch this anime if I thought the story seems bad. In the end they completely ruin the story with incredibly bad characters, unnessecary fanservice, cock-tease, bad jokes and especially in season 2 it felt like the same stuff happens over and over again, and that was kind of annoying. While season 1 was still a bit enjoyabl and not that bad, season 2 was about the protagonist not being able to kiss the girl and was interrupted every single time due to various reasons and this annoyed the hell out of me. It could have been done so much better.

  1. raven c says:

    actually I was waiting for this one. so in the end it’s just personal preferance. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. also a lot of people don’t know about this one so the fact that it’s “not selling” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad

  2. Des says:

    Is it really that bad? I watched season 1 and it was nice, not really the best but its not really bad either. Season 2 is also okay at least in my perspective. Also, it having a 3rd season is not like other animes aren’t going to be shown now are they?

  3. naithan says:

    well based on what Ive watch the anime was really enjoyable and fun to watch but ive got to agree on what he said about the protagonist not being able to kiss the girl from season 1 & 2 I guess the time span for that moment was too long and its getting dull plus I also agree that there are some do over scenes but all in all i liked it but i hope that they make things clear soon because its really frustrating to see a protagonist that has no guts. If its about romance I would recommend mashiroiro symphony although it was a short anime it had a good story and protagonist he knows what he wants and sticked to it thats all

  4. jaime says:

    i like the anime althought some people i cant see that they don’t like it but come it was great i also recommend zero no tsukaima 4 season short but has a happy ending

  5. vietnam says:

    Nogizaka Haruka I think it is a great work. The more times you review and reflect on each set of the film and make judgments. With scenes and story instances it creates a unique individual.
    If you watch it again and again but still judged competition like you’re definitely hide the fact that people do not get too angry provide an outstanding work out but said it yourself help flesh.

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