Ao no Exorcist Chapter 26 – Rin and Shiemi? Fangasm!

Ao no Exorcist chapter 26 is scanlated and I just died of fangasm, I tell you. xD Because there was an awesome RinxShiemi-szene in there! I’m so happy and I’m so glad I ship RinxShiemi, those two are just too cute for a shounen manga.

Aside from the awesome RinxShiemi- szene when she hugs him and they both blush and… omg it was so great! Well, aside from that, I really liked this chapter, because I think it has been very hard for Rin since the Vatican made him learn to control his flames and I’m not just talking about the slow process of learning: he also lost all of his friends including his love interest. The time right bevore the incident, was probably the first time in Rins life when he has real friends and had the feeling of belonging somewhere and then suddenly it’s all gone. He has to face yeat again that he is a monster, he feels very guilty, he lost all of his friends, the girl he has a crush on and if he’s not super-careful, he’ll be killed. Seeing that he has a very short temper, it was bound to happen, he’ll explode again sometime and of course, it did and now the Vatican wants to see him dead.

Poor Rin, seriously, he’s actually such a nice huy with such a soft heart and he loves his friends so much, but he has to go through all this shit. It made me so happy when all of his friends decided to go and rescue him, that they’re truly “real” friends who will stand by his side, even if he’s in deep shit. even if they can’t forgive him just yet, they can’t leave him alone and seriously, I just loved Bon when he said why he was so pissed. I really thought it would be the “Son of Satan”-stuff, but this didn’t even matter to him, although he hates Satan so much.

And of course, Shiemi is the only one who can enter Rins cell. *cough* While this is pretty obvious in terms of the direction the manga is moving with those two, I think she really is the one who’s best suited to get him out of there. The reason is pretty simple: because she’s the only one who was never afraid of Rin and the only one who knew that his flames wont hurt her, so when he went a bit wild, she was able to touch hug him and show him how much she trusts him. While the others are still his friends as well, I don’t think they would’ve been able to approach Rin this openheartly.


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