Junketsu + Kareshi chapter 9 – the almighty fiancée

Chapter 9 is scanlated, but there was something bothering me that pops up quite often.

All right, first of all they managed to rescue the guy who wanted to kill himself and turns out he was the guilty one in this case, too. Suspension, everyone happy again, case closed. Of course, the club is now approved and they can finally do their work, if they find clients, that is. Actually I think they might will have more work comming from the student council, than from the normal students.

What pissed me off a bit was the apperance of Akis finacée, or at least that’s what she calls herself. I may be a bit sensitive to this, because I’ve seen Hanasaku Iroha yesterday and there was a fiancé, too. I still don’t see any reason why a fiancée is such a great danger? They’re just engaged due to various reasons and being engaged, doesn’t mean you’re already married. Hell, even marrige is no real reason to stop anymore, when you think about the divorce-statistics (in big cities, half of the married couples get a divorce), but every time a fiancé/e suddenly comes into play, it’s as if the world ends here: the almighty fiancé/e who has the power over your loved one. Yeah maybe, but sure not his/ her heart in most anime/manga-cases. In the end, what matters is the one he/she loves. In realiy, there are tons of engagements being cancelled, so don’t make it seem as if a fiancé/e is equal to being married until one dies. Things just don’t work like this anymore.

Cut the cheap fiancée-drama please, I bet she’s not even a real treat in the end and will be overcome.


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