Let the summer season 2011 begin! – Nurarihyon 2, Sacred Seven and Kami-sama no Memo-chou

The first animes this summer have aired now and while the weather is pretty crappy right now where I live, I’ve taken my chance to look into a few of the first episodes that came out. And if I may say so: it didn’t start too bad, but I want to watch quite a lot anime this season, so there is more to come.

Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou is the second season of Nurarihyon no Mago and doesn’t really start where the first season ended, but I haven’t read the manga (probably never will), so I don’t know if this was actually what was supposed to come next. While the first season ended with a huge fight, the fight was only mentioned once during the whole first episode of season 2. Instead of a normal episode or the beginning of a new arc, we get to see some background information on Rikuo. To be exact: we get to see what he was like when he was an eight year old kid. Apparently he liked to play pranks… what the hell? Well, whatever. It’s about the first time he transformed into his yokai form and what was weird for me was, that the voice actors didn’t chance. Rikou has two voice actors: one for his human form and another for his (more adult-like) yokai form, so his yokai voice is a lot deeper. I do admit that his yokai form looks older, even when he was a kid, but he looked like a 12-year-old at most and the voice actor wasn’t even trying to sound like a child. Meaning: a child with the voice of an adult, this is bullshit. Other than that, the episode was ok, I guess. I liked the first season, but I was never a real fan, so I kind of got what I expected. It was all right.

Sacred Seven is an original Anime (at least I think so) and seems to be one of those battle shounen animes with stereotypical characters and some nice action. What surprised me, was how dark it is, because I expected it to be a very lighthearted anime, while it actually has some darker tones to it. For example, we have random people getting turned into stone and those stones are getting destroyed, meaning these people are being killed. The main character has been gone berserk at some point and send an older teenager into hospital for 8 months. That must have been pretty hard… well, seems like his special power ran wild. For his “real” power to be awakened, a blonde and rich loli-girl gives him a special stone and *BAHM* he’s got great control over his power and kann kick some ass easily. I wouldn’t say it was “good”, but so far it wasn’t “bad” either (well, the maid-army was weird, but who cares), so I’ll see what this’ll turn into.

Kami-sama no Memo-chou is based on a novel and tells the story of a group of NEETs with a little girl called “Alice” at the top of them. Apparently she is a NEET detective and while shehardly ever leaves her room at all, she gathers information through the Internet/her computers and her “underlings” to solve the cases. The main character somehow gets dragged into this and finds himself helping the NEET detective. And this is the story of the anime with the first episode, that made the biggest impression on me so far, because it was really good. Aside the fact that the first episode is 48 minutes long, so it has more time to show the audience something interesting than the 24-minute-episodes of the other animes, it was interesting and has character I’d really like to see again. Yeah, and it looks nice, but that’s not too imporatnt for me. The preview for next week seemed nice, so right now I’m really looking foward to see more of this anime.


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