Bleach 454 – The most exiting part was with Urahara and Isshin

So, yet anouther week of disappointments. Just great.

How long are we going to stay like this?  Not knowing what all this is for? Not knowing how Bleach will continue? I just hope it’s not over as soon as they kill Tsukishima, because they befeated Aizen, they fought for months to reach the end battle, so please don’t tell me this manga will end with such a lame villain. What I want is some badass turnaround, a new epic villain, a new epic fight with old comrades. Not too many new characters, just a strong villain and a few henchmen. Well… and while we’re at it: could we get back to bearable pacing? Ever since Hueco Mundo, this manga has been progressing way too slow and chapter 454 was a prime example for that.

I mean, the entire chapter was about Tsukishimas powers and it’s not as if it’s that spectacular, so you need 19 pages to explain it. The chapter was like this: Urahara and Isshin … walking, Ichigo learning about Tsukishimas powers, Ginjou and Ichigo going to some mansion, while the actual part where they walk was not shown. And that’s it, that was this chapter. And the most depressing part is that Urahara and Isshin were actually the most interesting part of this chapter.

If they don’t come pack with Rukia, I’ll be so mad, I can tell you. Bleach is not Bleach without Rukia, she has been the female protagonist since chapter 1 and she will always stay the female protagonist, no matter how much the Inoue-fans want Inoue to take her place: it’s impossible to take Rukias place, especially for a girl like Orihime who’s so much different from Rukia. You can’t deny that Rukia is a very special person for the story, she’s the one who began it all, she’s the one who has a very special place in Ichigos big heart (no, I’m not implying he’s in love with her) and who can handle Ichigo the best. Like I said: Bleach is not Bleach without our ravenhaired tiny tsundere and Ichigo is half the fun without her.

So yeah, the first thing Bleach needs to do to improve: bring Rukia back! We’re talking about the bigger plotpoints later, Tite Kubo, but first you have to bring Rukia back. XD


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