The Devil Does Exist – Yes, it’s shoujo and I love it.

Tomorrow, Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D will arrive and I’m sure I’ll be pretty much gone until I’ve beaten the game, so I want to write a qick entry about something before I loose my real life.  (Seriously, Zelda OoT is nothing but epic)

The Devil Does Exist is a Shoujo-Manga that was originally published between 1998 and 2002, so it’s not exactly the newest Manga out there. It never made it to Germany, so I’ve never been able to buy the volumes, although it’s one of my all-time favorite shoujo-manga.  In fact, it’s my favorite romantic-shoujo. There are others I like a lot as well, like Ouran High School Host Club or Lovely Complex (both are great manga btw), but they have quite a lot comedy, while The Devil Does Exist is a full-grown romance-story.

The plot revolves around Saito Kayano, a second year High School student in love. When she finally finds the heart to write a love letter to her beloved, the letter accidentally gets into the hands of Edogawa Takeru, a first year student in her school. He’s known as a great troublemaker, the girls love him for his great looks and on top of that, he’s the son of the principal.

It doesn’t take long for Takeru to begin taking advantage of Kayano, because he refuses to give her back the loveletter, starts to blackmail her and her live turns into hell. Between running errands and surviving his moods, Kayano learns that her single mother found a new love and will remarry: the principal of her scool. If this wasn’t enough, she starts to fall in love with her future brother.

I just love this manga and the relationship between Kayano and Takeru. The ups and downs, the many obstacles in their way and the bittersweet scent of a forbidden love between siblings. While they’re not related by blood, it’s not as if it’s forbidden by law, but the guild weights heavy on them knowing they might destroy the peace their families finally reached.

I’ve read this manga probably around four times already and finally decided to get the english volumes, altough it’s actually quite expencive to import them from the US and it takes some time for the mangas to arrive here, but I have to own them. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve read it, it always makes my heart beat faster when those insanly cute moments come and I can’t help but go all “awww” when Taku’s got this calm loving smile on his face. Not even cliché-overloaded sentences like: “you’re the one person I wanna be loves by” are making me puke, but instead I can’t help but love them (and I tell you, I HATE cliché), because they don’t even seem to be this bad between teasing and weird love confessions.

The art needs some corrections, but is pretty much ok. Especially the faces are drawn super-handsome/cute, while the manga-ka seems to have some problems with the size of feet. xD Well, it’s not that bad, I promise. Also, I really like the fact the characters always wear different kinds of clothers every day. I know students usually have to wear a school uniform in Japan, but the fact this students doesn’t seem to and the manga-ka actually makes them wear all kinds of different stuff like a normal teenager would, gives the manga a few extra points. ;3

All in all it’s a great shoujo-manga with lot’s of romance and a great main couple. I seriously prefer this over many other much more popular shoujo such as Dengeki Daisy, Kimi ni Todoke, Fruits Basket or Skip Beat. I like all these mangas, but The Devil Does Exist is still atop all of them (at least for me). You really should give it a try. ;3


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