Hajime no Ippo 939 – did he lose or win?

So, the fight against Kojima has finally come to an end, but Ippo looks more like he lost, while he’s sent his opponent down with an one hit KO.
Kojima was sure he would be able to take one of Ippos punches, but instead he wasn’t, altough there’s probably not one single person on this planet who knows more about Ippos boxing. I guess this was probably the first time Ippo punched an opponent with all his might, so Kojima couldn’t foresee it’s destructive power. So in the end he won easily, but doesn’t look happy at all. By the way, I don’t think he killed Kojima.

Now there are several possibilities why he’s not happy and this what I came up with:

  1. This was not a boxing match, this was a bawl and Ippo knows Kamogawa did not teach him to bawl, but to box. So in conclusion, for the first time in his career, he did not do was Kamogawa told him to do.
  2. Ippo probably doesn’t want to win this overwhelmingly. There’s nothing exiting about a one hit KO, especially if you do it several times in a row. You’re just completely destorying your oppenent in a blink of an eye, this is not boxing either and Ippo doesn’t want to box like this.

Well, there are other possible reasons, for example that this match was no fun for Ippo, but I don’t think he’s boxing only because it’s fun. Well, this match was no fun for him, that’s for sure, but I don’t think this is reason enough for him to become so depressed. He could also be disappointed by Kojima, because he was talking so big and talking bad about his friends and opponents, so Ippo expected him to be much stronger, but… I don’t know, this doesn’t sound right to me. This is probably not something about Ippos opponent, but about himself. He’s probably not satisfied with himself and the way he has fought this night.

The conclusion? Well, I think he might step down as the japanese champion, because now we know that there really is nobody in Japan who can beat him anymore, when he’s able to beat someone from two weightclasses above so easily. It’s really time for Ippo to take a step ahead and conquer the world, Japan has become too small for him and even Aisa can’t really beat him with it’s various champions. Ricardo Martinez is waiting, you still have a promise to fullfil, Ippo. Remember when you promised Date Eiji you’ll beat Martinez?

Exactly, I think the time Ippo sould say hi to the world champ is drawing near.


One thought on “Hajime no Ippo 939 – did he lose or win?

  1. I think Ippo is depressed not because this was not a boxing match, in fact it was and he was looking forward to it thanks Hisato trash talk, but this time Ippo was incorporating new factors as an anger that he did not pull off before or during the match, maybe boxing with anger, and hurting others during that state, is to much for now. mmmm maybe Ippo is assimiling that, let’s see if he become a Takamura or a depressed wimp.

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