Addicted to Curry Chapter 81 – Smell the Love

Haha, I knew it, I was right, Makito won and he also won over Yuis heart. How nice, but I really want to belive that he did not won her heart over, but more like… made her understand that he loves her, too. It’s a bit lame to choose someone just because he’s a better cook.

Despite the “choose the winner”-part, I really liked it when Yui asked Makito a ton of questions and he, being the nice guy, answerd every single one of them. Altouth some questions were kind of unnecessary, but… yeah… still a nice moment. And the messed up kiss just had to happen, I mean that’s the way mangas work. It’s disappointing, frustrating, ship-tease, but we all know we secretly love it, because the time we actually get to see a kiss, it’s even more awesome, because we had to wait for such a long time until it happend. On the other hand: the main audience for shounenmangas are ttenage boys and I guess most f them aren’t this interested in romance anyway, so it’s even less important if something happens or not. So, why not use it for a joke and let Yui headbut the poor Makito?

I have t admit I’ve read the raw ahead a few a lot volumes, so I already know roughly what’s going to happen between Makito and Yui and how the story is going to continue from this point. Looking at the raw, even if you don’t understand Japanese (like me), is such a huge spoiler and really spoils the fun. Still, I can’t help it but do it all the time. xD


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