Sket Dance Episode 1 – and you thought it was about dancing?

Springseason has started, so I have started to watch new anime as well. One of the new Anime I wanted to watch is Sket Dance and despite its misleading title, it has nothing to do with dancing whatsoever – thank god, I checked the plot beforehand.

It’s a shounen-anime about a club in school that helps other students and the student council with problems or requests to improve schoollife. It pretty much has everything it needs to prevent itself from sucking. The only problem is, that there’s nothing more. The first episode felt like a shounen-anime right out of the textbok. The characters, the setting, the plot… everything has been done before and it’s not as if Sket Dance is doing a bad job, but there’s something missing that would make it interesting. There’s nothing new, it feels as if everything has been done a thousand times before.

The yankee-girl, the computer -freak, the energic but kind of stupid main character… right out of the textbook. Actually, the special ability the main character has, is something I’ve never seen before, but it’s so lame, I’m impressed it even counts as a special ability.  It’s called a “concentration mode” when he puts on his googles. Well, yeah, pretty much all he’s doing is overthinking the facts and finding a solution. I really hope there’s more to him than this. ^^’

The interesting thing about this anime is actually, that I wouldn’t say it’s bad, but it’s just so incredibly underwhelming. I didn’t expect too much, but this is kinda lifeless. I guess I’m a bit disappointed. I will continue, because it’s not bad, but this won’t turn into the best anime of the season for sure.


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