Star Driver Episode 25 – fabulous shining star

Star Driver always had great trash-potential. You know, like the movies people like to watch just because they’re so silly. This is Star Driver and it’s absolutely fabulous in what it’s doing. It’s colorful, it’s shiny and it has great animation. And a story that appeard in the last 5 episodes, while we had like… 20 episodes before where nothing happend. Great.

Well, not really much to say about the last episode, except the absolutely beautiful and awesome animations. Who cares about the plot, when it’s so shiny and … shiny!  Well, you have to give Studio BONES credit for their animationquality, it’s always great, but they really showed off in the last episode. 24 minutes of awesome. That’s all there is to say.

What really pissed me off was Wako. Well, I have to admit I’m a WakoxTakuto-shipper and the whole anime was more or less about Takuto and Sugata trying to get the girl (besides the mecha-destroying-stuff). During the latest episodes it actually looks more like she’ll go with Takuto, but no… she takes BOTH of them. Just what the well? Since when is Star Driver a reverse Harem? (apparently: this episode…) Just because she can decide between two awesome boys, doesn’t mean she can just take both. :<


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