Addicted to Curry chapter 76 – spoilerisch Curry with Love

Oh my GOSH! ❤ I love this chapter so much! Makito is finally going to accept his feelings and rushes to Yuis side. Way to go man, way to go. This made my day. Now we can finally move on, so awesome. ❤ I really like it that this manga finally takes a bigger step into the romance we’ve seen all the time. Yui has had her eyes on him for quite a while now, but the manga never really took a closer look at it, so it led to nowhere. Altough I think it’s a bit cheap to use Ryan for this (because he could’ve been a much better character, if there would’ve been more to him than just the love rival), he still caused all this mess. And hello, here we have a more complex topic to deal with. Finally.

Well it will end in a curry competition yet again, but hey, I’m pretty sure Yui will stay with Makito, even if he loses, but I’m positive he won’t lose. There’s Yui on the line, so show us all you’ve got Makito. Well, like I said, I don’t think she’ll be the  true “prize”, because if she’d just leave Makito because he lost this competition, she’s nothing more  than a fake bitch and since I don’t think she’s a fake bitch… she’ll most likely stay with him, especially when she sees just how much she means to him. Took him long enough to notice, but I still love it, because I was waiting for this moment for such a long time. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Actually, there’s something I have to complain about. They made it look, as if the only reason Makito was refusing to give in, is his inexperience in love. This… well, is weird, because a few chapters earlier Makito was thinking about Yui being a Highschool girl and so… not someone he should love. Instead of using this reasoning, they decited to go with the inexperience. D: Man, this is  lame. :/ If they’d gone with the guilty conscience, they could’ve taken Makito to a higher level, by turning him into the more reasonable adult than Ryan, who came and instantly fell in love with Yui, without even thinking about her age. Even with his, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t have this realization-moment when he’s deciting to give into his feelings. Skip Beat did this to Ren, too. Why not Makito? It’s so easy, all he had to do, was come to the realization, that love knows no limitations and no bounds, so it’s ok to love her, as long as she loves him too and both of them are happy together. She’s not a gradeschooler, that would’ve been much worse. Their age isn’t that much different, so it’s still all right. Truth to be told, I think Ryan seems like he’s much older than Makito and much too old for Yui to be considered a lover.


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