Kimi ni Todoke 2 (Episode 9) Ryu is my hero.

Hey, hey. 😀

I’ve just watched Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 episode 9  and besides the fact that something finally happend, Ryu made my day. When Joe asked him about Kazehaya he didn’t want to lie, so he just answerd with a cheeky grin and laughed every time Joe asked. xD Seriously, that made me laught so hard, I just love his character. And he’s got the nerve to sleep while all the others were working hard to make it in time for the parade. You win, Ryu. You win.

About Kazehaya and Sawako…  let’s just say, I’m always surprised how insanly thickheaded Sawako is. Well, yeah, at least Kazehaya finally knows that Sawako is in love with him, but hugging her tightly wasn’t enought to make her understand he loves her, too? No wonder she didn’t understand when he said it a few episodes ago… Seriously, for this girl you need to shout it into her ears and write it down. Add: “I like you and I mean L-O-V-E, like lovers, not friends.” She won’t get it otherwise…

After all he did, she still thinks he meant he’s not in love with her when he said his “like” is different from hers, but he said this at a point where he didn’t know she’s in love with him. Those two have serious problems – and a talent to create these problem themselves, altough there’s no need. Truth to be told: The walking stupidity called Joe is not their fault, this guy’s just dumb as bread. Kazehaya was wa~y too nice to him for ruining the biggest chance he ever had.


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