this “Bambino” is a manga

Bambino translates to “baby” or “child” and is the title of a manga I’m reading. It’s already finished in Japan, but it’s not completely scanlated yet. I think it even has a sequel…

So what’s this manga about? Italian cooking! 😀 Makes no sense? It actually does, because our protagonist is a young man who likes to cook and got himself into an italian restaurant in Roppongi. On his first day there, he’s been taught he’s not as great as he thinks he is and everyone starts calling him “Bambi” or “Bambino” because of his lack of experience and skill. Well, he can cook, but still has a lot to learn an everything. And this leads to a slice-of life drama. Hello, seinenmanga.

Well, I wouldn’t  really call this manga a truly great manga. I think it’s more… the usual stuff, the hard-working type of main character who has to go through all kinds of hardships in his daily life. Of course, this can turn into a true masterpiece, just like everything can, but in this case it doesn’t. It’s quite nice to follow, it’s not bad, but I don’t really feel anything “new”. Altough I’ve never read a manga about italian food before, it fails to catch me. I’ve read a ton of sportmanga and I’ve seen formula XY so often, but there are still manga that manage to get me, altought they don’t reinvent the wheel. I don’t really know why Bambino can’t excite me, it’s topic is so unual it should be easy. :/

Again: I’m not saying it’s a bad manga, because like I said before: I think it’s ok, the usual stuff you read when you have nothing to do and this makes me … kind of sad, because I think this manga could be much more interesting, so to speak. “Addicted to Curry” isn’t that great either, but it’s still a bit more interesting in my opinion: no matter if there’s a curry-challenge or if they’re trying to sell curry on the street, because the restaurant has to be repaired.

Well, so much about this. A short review (more like: my opinion about this manga in a few sentences) , I’m too tired to write more now… I can recommend this manga, if you have nothing else to do and just want to read something, probably try something new out, but not if you’re searching for an awesome manga. It’s the kind of “ok” manga, but not the masterpiece.


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