Hater or Otaku? K-ON and Kuragehime

Just recently K-ON!! won the Tokyo Anime Award 2011 as Best TV Anime. My reaction wasn’t really nice, I admit that, because I was pretty pissed. And so? I was called a hater. And an otaku  Uhm… what?

Ok, let me explain. As for myself, I don’t consider myself a hater just because I was ranting a bit (I like Skip Beat and I rant all the time xD) and looking back I’m pretty amused by all the stuff they said about me. First of all, they said I didn’t see K-ON at all and just hate it because I want to hate it. As a matter of fact, I did see K-ON and while I don’t think it’s physically painful, I still think it’s not a good anime, because I didn’t enjoyed it. There were parts I liked, but most of the time, it bored the hell out of me. K-ON was the anime that taught me, I don’t like moe. To prevent being bored again, I did not watch K-ON!!. You remember? Because I don’t like moe.

So in conclusion, saying I don’t know anything about K-ON is simply wrong.

Second: They said I just can’t stand K-ON winning an award. Wrong, I was perfectly fine with K-ON winning this award last year. The reason I’m so pissed is: K-ON won it again this year with it’s second season. So it won 2 times in a row and this is completely unnecessary unless the anime we’re talking about is mindblowing epic in perfection and K-ON sure is not that awesome. Even the Academy Award has enough brain to not award a movie-series with “Best Picture” two years in a row.

Third: Apparently, I’m an irrational Otaku, because I have a Kuragehime-signature. Funny isn’t it? I don’t really see why this signature makes me an irrational Otaku. Just because I have this signature, doesn’t make me a Kuragehime-fangirl. While I have to admit, I really enjoyed Kuragehime and I think it’s a pretty good anime, it has its flaws as well and there were better anime 2010 than this one.

I like Kuragehime. Does this make me an Otaku? No. I dislike K-ON. Does this make me a hater? No.

Think about it: they call me an Otaku, because I have a Kuragehime-signature and they think I’m a crazy Kuragehime-fangirl who likes to bash popular anime like K-ON. On the other hand, they don’t consider themselves Otakus, but they bash everyone who dares to say something negative about their beloved K-ON. So… why exactly am I a worse person than those fans again…?

On a side note: I admit the way I was ranting was pretty harsh, because I called K-ON a shitty anime (well, from my point of few it’s shitty, because the only thing it succeeds in, was making me fall asleep), but I have enought reasons to do so. On the other hand, I’m prefectly fine if other people think different and like this stuff. What I can’t understand are people who asume weird things about me based on the single fact that I don’t like their beloved anime and call me a hater.


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