Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Chapter 57 (Spoiler)

Finally a Manga-entry and 1, 2, 3… Spoiler!

Well, this entry will be quite short. I only want to say: FINALLY! There’s been chemistry between those two for 57 chapters, we knew they’re in love with each other for quite a while now and they’ve finally managed to become an official couple.

By the way, I’m saying “finally” here, but it actually didn’t even took so much time for a shoujo-manga. There are some manga I’m reading where you pretty much know who’s going to end up together since the introduction of the characters, but nothing happens for more than a hundred chapters. Seriously, nothing, not the slightest bit of development, that’s pretty sad.

Comming back to Maid-sama, I actually really have to admit I love the way it’s done and I was waiting for it. I mean, the manga has been building up for this moment, so it had to come soon. It’s just that I was a bit surprised, because Usui stopped her not too long ago and said it’s still too early. Well, I don’t think the situation changed this much for Usui, but… who cares? It would’ve turned into a greater disappointment, if Misaki wouldn’t have been able to confess, because there was the date and she really wanted to do it, but it didn’t worked out on the ferris weel. Thank god, that’s too cliché, really.

And in the end our beloved Tsundere gave us a very charming moment of dere. I guess if Satsuki would’ve been there, she would’ve died in a gigantic flowerfied of blooming moe-flowers or something like that. At least, she would’ve died happily, I’m sure of that. Actually I’m really looking foward to her reaction when she finds out, she’ll probably start talking something about Misa-chans only Master. XD I like her so much.

Altough the kiss was more or less hidden thanks to the scarf, it was so nice seeing Misaki taking action. ❤ I seriously hope we’ll see more kisses and romantic stuff now that they’re a couple. Considering Misaki is a Tsundere… uhm, probably not that much more. I guess she’ll try to hide their new relationship, especially in school. She probably thinks the boys won’t listen to her anymore, if they find out she got herself a perverted outer space alien boyfriend.

So, my prediction for the next chapters? We’re probably going back to see a bit more school life again and our Tsundere trying to hide her girlfriend-status. I’m looking foward to it! >:3


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